How Do You Know Your Fatigue is Normal and What to Do?

Fatigue is a very common response you get from your body when it lacks vital elements. After the whole day work, it is common to feel exhausted but if you are feeling tired during the daytime or while working at the office, it means either you did not sleep well last night or your body lacks proper nutrition. It may also mean that you may also have health issues. So, to be healthy you need enough sleep every night. Besides your body also needs proper nutrients. There are several ways you can know if your fatigue is normal or concerns any health issues.

Knowing Normal Level of Fatigue   

Feeling exhausted is quite normal after a long day of work or late at night. According to doctors, an adult needs a minimum of 8-9 hours of sleep every night besides they also need to maintain a proper diet for a healthy life. On the other hand, alcohol and narcotics may also cause fatigue the day after your consumption. But if you are feeling fatigued almost every day despite having proper sleep, you must be alert regarding this issue and you should go to the doctor.

Suppose, you doze off all the time unconsciously and put your health and safety into risk. Why safety? You might be driving or running a big machine, and in this situation, your health and safety come at a risk. On the other hand, you may also be in the office and if you are dozing off, this is really disturbing and risky for your career.

Why do we get fatigued?

Fatigue is part of our daily life but the abnormality comes from your own lifestyle which is maybe imbalanced. There are several reasons to feel fatigued and poor sleep hygiene, shift work, jet lag, and drug abuse are some of the reasons for your fatigue. Sometimes, our nutrition also helps us getting active during work and many other times. Due to the lack of several vitamins and minerals, people can also get tired and feel sleepy.

Symptoms of Fatigue Due to Health Issues

There is a clear sign of your fatigue if it is normal or caused by your health condition.  Tiredness causes a huge problem in the balance of our work and personal life. It also puts a red flag for you when you are tired in a family and social event.

  • You are unable to focus on your work and having a continuous shift in your brain.
  • Doze off in a serious situation like while having a meeting or driving car.
  • Falling asleep while in office or work time. Or maybe falling asleep in an inappropriate time.
  • Easily gets tired without even doing much physical work.
  • Reduced in work completeness and competence.

What are the health conditions that may result in extreme fatigue?

There are several reasons for fatigue that doesn’t seem normal. If you detect that your fatigue is not normal and you can understand by seeing the above-listed symptoms. When you understand you must know that this fatigue is not normal and caused by a certain physical disorder. Among the common issues, Anemia and electrolyte abnormalities are involved to make your tired easily. Your fatigue may be caused by genetic or sleeping disorders besides your mental health. A lot of people feel sleepy and tired because of anxiety and depression. The most important issue still remains the lack of vitamins and minerals. Sometimes our body lacks something very vital which can cause extreme fatigue.

What Can You Do to Avoid Fatigue?           

It completely depends on, what is causing your fatigue. As we know that mostly, our fatigue is caused by sleep disorders and lack of nutrition. Upon discovering the abnormality of your fatigue, you must see the doctor and understand what actually happened to your body. But if you feel that your fatigue is caused by your personal lifestyle then you should maintain a healthy schedule. You can also try vitamin and minerals supplement consulting with your doctor if your fatigue is caused by a lack of nutrition. For the normal fatigue or maybe as a test for changing your condition you may try the following.

  • Sleep as much as needed.
  • Get up early and go to bet early
  • Exercise regularly and maintain good nutrition
  • Keep your bedroom clean that makes you feel fresh

In short, sleeping or feeling extremely tired during daytime is not a good sign of your health. Fatigue hampers our daily life and it put our career and safety at high risk. On the other hand, there is a difference between normal fatigue and abnormality of your tiredness. Upon understanding, you must see doctor and maintain a proper diet and sleep hygiene.

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